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Welcome to P&L Grow Systems

We are developing the cutting edge of environment monitoring and control systems powered by the latest in machine learning. From the hobby enthusiast to full scale commercial operations our products and platform combine to give the user greater understanding of their working environments allowing increased productivity and profit margins. With the ability to monitor your environment from anywhere in the world at any time of day our products give you the peace of mind that everything is running smoothly while maintaining optimum conditions. Data collection and advanced analytics allow you to fine tune your environment and make informed decisions as well as monitor what’s happening right now in real time.


Best bit of kit I've ever used to understand what is going on in my environment.

- Eric Coulombe

Seriously cool bit of tech.

- @Farmerintheh0le

Remote Environment Monitoring

Be in control and informed no matter where you are 24/7/365. No longer are you chained to your environment.

Data Insights

Make better data driven decisions and remove the guess work from managing your environment. Quick, easy and informative data insights to help you realise your potential.

Smart Equipment Control

In-house developed processes and algorithms ensure optimum management of environment control equipment.

Third Party Integration

Got a product or project that requires some IoT integration, our Grow ™ Platform is the solution you are looking for. Please get in contact to discuss your requirements further.

Data Visualization



Customisable alerts keep you on top of any issues as soon as they happen.

Consistent Production

Consistent Production

Maintain a consistent environment and end result.

Quick Troubleshooting

Quick Troubleshooting

Clear and easy to read charts and data insights, making troubleshooting issues quick and easy.
Data visualization

Share with Colleagues

Share with Colleagues

Share information with colleagues and friends.

Avoid Disaster

Avoid Disaster

Avoid costly disasters by knowing what is going on at all times with 24/7/365 monitoring and altering.



Maximise your yield potential through better data driven decision making.


View the current status and historical data of your growing environment from any device, anywhere in the world, any time you want.

WiFi Connected Device

Requires an always on internet enabled WiFi connection.

Current and Historical Data

View your current readings and analyse historical data charts from anywhere with an internet connection.

Multiple Devices - One Account

All of your devices are made available in a single user interface.

Know More, Grow More

Make better data driven decisions and take out the guess work.


Full access to all features without having to pay for theMinder unit. A monthly subscription which includes theMinder and the full suite of analytics and reporting. At the end of the term theMinder is yours to keep*

Full Data History

Access to your full data history and analytics suite for the duration of your subscription.

Dedication Server Options

For large installations dedication server options are available to ensure performance.

Grow with your requirements

Expand and grow your sensor and controller solution as your requirements change.

Improve Performance

Improve on performance with data supported decision making.





  • 1 #theMinder unit
  • Temperature / %RH / VPD
  • Alerts
  • Charts
  • Journal
  • 4 Weeks Data




/ pcm

  • Alerts
  • Charts
  • Journal
  • 52 Weeks Data
  • Download
  • Data Insights
  • 1 Minder Units

We at P&L Grow Systems pride ourselves on listening to our clients and sharing in their passion for the world of horticulture.