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#theMinder unit  

An IoT based sensor solution that gathers and transmits data it gathers at 30 seconds intervals over WiFi. Current readings are displayed on online with access to historical charts and additional analytics. Current data points are temperature and %RH with derived VPD and Dew Point temperature.

These units require a 5v micro USB power supply (not provided) and WIFI internet access.


#theController unit

IoT based electric socket control solution - 4/8 Socket Units, total draw 13A per bank of 4 sockets, with WIFI connectivity. This allows user to remotely control various components of the greenhouse. We currently offer the following modules as standard:

  • Light Scheduling
  • PumpScheduling
  • Fan/AC Control
  • Dehumidifier Control
  • Humidifier Control
  • Heater Control


We take security very seriously and have designed the system from the ground up to be as secure as we feel is required and still maintain the right level of ease of use.

At a high level and so as not to give anything away, here are some of the steps we have taken to ensure the security of our devices and our clients:

  • Distributed architecture – Different servers at different locations ensures the right level of robustness, our processes are spread across our server base.
  • Outbound communication – Our devices talk out to our servers and initiate the connection we do not “talk” directly to your device it talks to us. This eliminates the need for us know where devices are located and means you do not need to allow inbound traffic to your network.
  • Minimal data – we only collect the essential data required for controlling your environment, temperature, humidity and moisture levels. If YOU want us to gather more data for you then we will work with you to enable that.
  • No personal data is sent or gathered by our devices, we DO NOT record or gather IP address information.

We at P&L Grow Systems pride ourselves on listening to our clients and sharing in their passion for the world of horticulture.