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The process of assembling and maintaining an indoor optimum environment is a process, the bigger the site the more complex the process becomes.  This process requires planning, characterization of the system and the nature of the crop.  There are naturally various challenges, especially at the technical level, both on the agronomic side and the ability to integrate all the components side to ensure optimum environment.

We offer our expertise to individuals and companies, keen to establish an optimum environment conditions for their crop, in the following steps:

  • Identification/Design - Understand the type of crop and yield customers are planning to produce, match it with optimum environment conditions and identify the necessary hardware needed to achieve such goal.
  • Adoption - Help with installation of hardware and connect IoT devices to GrowTM platform, to ensure the seamless flow of data vital for optimum growing environment.
  • Training and learning - Train customers to use devices and platform to reach optimum growing environment. Upon clients’ request we observe their environment and provide them with insights based on data accumulated over time.

We at P&L Grow Systems pride ourselves on listening to our clients and sharing in their passion for the world of horticulture.