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standard chartsWe are able to provide an analysis of your environment using our #Grow(TM) platform and the data gathered from your sensors and journal entries. Understand how your environment changes over time and identify potential problems areas that would otherwise only be spotted when it is to late.

Our historical data charts provide a quick and easy way to view and analyse the data being gathered, when combined with the journal activity this provides a deeper insight into what happens to the environment when certain actions and activities are carried out. The data charts are a great way of being able to see if your equipment is working as expected, does the temperature come down when the extraction fans turn on etc.

Through time series decomposition we are able to show trend analysis, seasonality (daily, weekly, monthly and annual) data to help forecast on where the environment is heading and ensure the correct actions are taken. The ability to forecast up to 7 days becomes possible once enough data has been gathered, this forecasting is designed to be indicative and not absolute (nothing ever is).


We at P&L Grow Systems pride ourselves on listening to our clients and sharing in their passion for the world of horticulture.